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Author Database Announced

Writers wishing to make themselves and their range of skillsets known to the LDP document writing community should register their personal details with the LDP Author Profile online database at: http://startext.demon.co.uk/tldp/

This invitation extends to both experienced authors and those just starting their writing career. The database is also a useful means of contacting other writers in similar fields to your own.

The LDP thanks Martin Wheeler for his efforts in putting this together.

Mirror Checkup Completed

An update on the TLDP mirror sites:

  • Over 300 mirrors were checked.
  • 98 were out of date.
  • 1 was showing commercial content instead of TLDP and was removed immediately from our list.
  • The maintainers of outdated mirrors were contacted, 1/3 responded in a timely manner and got their mirror in sync again, sometimes with our help.
  • About 1/3 of the messages bounced, maintainers could not be traced even after extended efforts, thus their mirrors were removed from the list.
  • 1/3 of the maintainers did not respond in a timely manner, so those mirrors were also removed from our list.
  • We have now 215 official, synchronized mirrors in 50 countries.
  • There are no more mirrors in Argentinia and Japan, where we used to have mirrors before this checkup round. Check the list, there are many more countries were we never had any mirrors. Setting up a mirror is easy, feel free to try!
  • Almost all mirrors synchronize daily or twice per day; a very small minority synchronizes every other day; one mirror synchronizes weekly.
  • The next checkup is planned for the fall of 2005.

We would like to thank all the maintainers of current, ex and future mirrors for their commitment.

Document Updates

Just a reminder - the LDP home page may not change too frequently, but our document collection is constantly being updated.